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We provide worldwide bodyguard services, armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect our clients, their families, their employees and others who require a vigilant and experienced security presence.

We are an elite Croatian security company made of former members of the special forces and SWAT teams. Our teams have gained experience working for the Croatian Government on the most complex and most demanding security tasks, such as visits of many president’s prime ministers and other government officials and publicly exposed people from the entertainment and business world.

Characteristics of the employees of this company are the knowledge with many years of experience in all environments and readiness on all kinds of possible security threats. The combination of these factors is the main reason why we are at the top security company’s.

Our employees with their impeccable physical and mental readiness continually prove to each task with the highest level of expertise to demonstrate protection to the highest quality standards.

Possessing numerous international awards and certificates, some of them are themselves instructors and specialist who are holding courses around the world.

They passed the most rigorous verification and security clearances since they worked for the Croatian Government.

We are the leader of the security and bodyguard services industry in Croatia.

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