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Industrial Investments in Croatia

About Land on Kukuljanovo
Land on Kukuljanovo | Industrial Zone Kukuljanovo | Rijeka – Croatia | Europe

Country/State: Croatia
Region: Europe – Mediterranean
Location: Rijeka
Surface Size Approx.: 32.300 sqm
Parking space(s): YES

Asking price: at request

Kukuljanovo is currently the strongest industrial zone in the Republic of Croatia, and this unique land is located about 10 km from Rijeka, in the east direction. It is also located on an exceptionally favorable strategic transport route, representing one of the shortest transport links between Central Europe and the Mediterranean. The land location is along the main thoroughfare, in the R27 zone, which is the most frequent and most wanted.



About The Mlaca Building
The Mlaca Building | Industrial Zone | Rijeka – Croatia | Europe

Country/State: Croatia
Region: Europe – Mediterranean
Location: Rijeka
Surface Size Approx.: 7.400 sqm
Parking space(s): YES

Asking price: at request



The location of the Mlaca Building of approximately 7.400 sqm is in the old industrial zone of the city of Rijeka near the future Zagreb terminal. It is suitable for business / residential use, especially for container terminal users.
It can also be converted into hostel and hotel accommodation.


About Free Zone Kukuljanovo

The zone lies in the immediate vicinity of the Rijeka-Zagreb highway, the Rijeka-Split highway and the traffic route of the planned Rijeka-Trieste highway, and the Škrljevo railway station on the Rijeka-Ljubljana railway, the Bakar port complex is also nearby.
Krk Airport is only 10 km away from the Free Zone.

The total space capacity of the Free Zone is approximately 1 million sqm.
In infrastructure conditions, the construction of the parent track is largely completed in the Free Zone, internal roads, roads, water supply, sewage system, 110/35 KV transformer station, gas supply, two heating plants and a modern telephone network.

Activities that can be performed in the Kukuljanovo Free Zone are: production of goods, finishing and refining, wholesale and commercial intermediation, services, banking and other monetary transactions, insurance and reinsurance of property and persons.
The retail market is not allowed.



About Rijeka

Rijeka (Croatian: rijěːka) is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia (after Zagreb and Split). It is located in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. Historically, because of its strategic position and its excellent deep-water port, the city was fiercely contested, especially among Italy, Hungary (serving as the Kingdom of Hungary’s largest and most important port), and Croatia, changing hands and demographics many times over centuries.

Rijeka is the main city and county seat of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The city’s economy largely depends on shipbuilding (shipyards “3. Maj” and “Viktor Lenac Shipyard”) and maritime transport. Rijeka hosts the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, first built in 1765, as well as the University of Rijeka, founded in 1973 but with roots dating back to 1632 School of Theology.

Rijeka is located in western Croatia, 131 kilometres (81 miles) southwest of the capital, Zagreb, on the coast of Kvarner Gulf (45°21′N 14°26′E), in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. Geographically, Rijeka is roughly equidistant from Milan (485 kilometres (301 miles)), Budapest (502 kilometres (312 miles)), Münich (516 kilometres (321 miles)), Vienna (516 kilometres (321 miles)) and Belgrade (550 kilometres (340 miles)). The Bay of Rijeka, which is bordered by Vela Vrata (between Istria and the island of Cres), Srednja Vrata (between Cres and Krk Island) and Mala Vrata (between Krk and the mainland) is connected to the Kvarner Gulf and is deep enough (about fifty metres or 160 feet) to accommodate large commercial ships. The City of Rijeka lies at the mouth of river Rječina and in the Vinodol micro-region of the Croatian coast. Two important land transport routes start in Rijeka due to its location. The first route is to the Pannonian Basin given that Rijeka is located alongside the narrowest point of the Dinaric Alps (about fifty kilometres or 31 miles). The other route, across Postojna Gate connects Rijeka with Slovenia, Italy and beyond.


*More info about Rijeka please find here



Counties of Croatia:

Bjelovar-Bilogora Brod-Posavina Dubrovnik-Neretva Istria Karlovac Koprivnica-Križevci Krapina-Zagorje Lika-Senj Međimurje Osijek-Baranja Požega-Slavonia Primorje-Gorski Kotar Šibenik-Knin Sisak-Moslavina Split-Dalmatia Varaždin Virovitica-Podravina Vukovar-Srijem Zadar City of Zagreb Zagreb County


List of Croatian counties

Bjelovar-Bilogora Bjelovar
Brod-Posavina Slavonski Brod
Dubrovnik-Neretva Dubrovnik
Istria Pazin
Karlovac Karlovac
Koprivnica-Križevci Koprivnica
Krapina-Zagorje Krapina
Lika-Senj Gospić
Međimurje Čakovec
Osijek-Baranja Osijek
Požega-Slavonia Požega
Primorje-Gorski Kotar Rijeka
Šibenik-Knin Šibenik
Sisak-Moslavina Sisak
Split-Dalmatia Split
Varaždin Varaždin
Virovitica-Podravina Virovitica
Vukovar-Srijem Vukovar
Zadar Zadar
Zagreb County Zagreb
City of Zagreb Zagreb



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