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Everyone once as a child wished that has royal blood and that can spend time in magnificent castles like a fairy tale, run through vast, beautiful gardens, sleep in lavish rooms and enjoy all the benefits of noble life.  Now For a few million euros, one castle, the venue of every good and happy fairy tale, can become your dream home.

We offer a wide choice of Exclusive properties, Castels in Croatia for sale. Please find some down below separate castles which looking for their new owners.


About Castle in Croatian Zagorje – Near Spa

Castle in Croatian Zagorje – Near Spa | Croatia | Europe

Country/State: Croatia
Region: Europe – Mediterranean
Location: Croatian Zagorje – Near Spa
Surface:/Size Approx.: 1800 sqm
Field surface: 100 000 sqm
Dimensions of the castle: 45×40 sqm
Rooms: 60
Attic space: 1400 sqm / not yet used, very attractive for the decoration of another 30 luxurious rooms
Floors: gf, fir, sec
Stalls: 20 modern 2-storey boxes / 35 x 12m
Congress Hall: 1
Banquet Salons: 7
Internal capacity: 150 people
External capacity: 600 people
Night Club: 350 people
Outbuilding with a large banquet hall:  30 x 12 m / potential
with 20 rooms on the floor and a large banquet hall on the ground floor
Wine Shop: YES
Garden: YES
Tennis courts: 2
Parking: YES – 100 cars/buses
Garage: 4
Landscaped area, promenade, ZOO

Asking price: at request



The Castle was built at the end of the 17th century as a one-storey four-winged building with the court. In the 30-ies of the 19th century it was renovated in the spirit of classicism thus becoming one of the most representative courts in Croatia. It is approached through the ash-tree-like maples way 90 m long, developed after 1911. The Castle is the worldwide cultural heritage monument.

Property, 12 hectares of exterior (possibility of development on 95 ha) in Croatian Zagorje.

The Castle Hotel has an active continuity of visits, which guarantees adequate profitability without investing in the coming years. The Castle Hotel has all the current work permit.

Concept project is available for the construction of a golf course, hippodrome and other attractive facilities, and a very profitable thermal hot water source (78 ° C) is currently being tested, which could supply a large hotel city with water facilities!

The possibility of landing helicopter. Distance from Airport Franjo Tudjman Zagreb and Pleso one hour up to one and a half hour one way ground transportation depending on the traffic crowd.

About Castle in Split – Near Split Airport
Castle in Split | Near Split Airport | Croatia | Europe

Country/State: Croatia
Region: Europe – Mediterranean
Location: Split – Near Split Airport
Surface:/Size Approx.: 1130 sqm
Rooms: 24
Parking: YES
Paved access road: YES
Seafront: YES / Undisrupted sea views

Asking price: at request



The Castle from early 16th century. Excellent location close to numerous historical, cultural and natural landmarks as well as the Split-Kastela airport, which is just few minutes distance or 3 km away from the castle. City of Split is 20 km away and Trogir city only 9 km away. South, sea oriented side provides an outstanding view on the sea and bay.

According the project documentation and construction permits, the 389 sqm plot is intended for conversion into a four – star hotel in a minimal area of 1127 sqm ( ground floor + 3 floors ).

Project includes bar, restourant, bedrooms and apartments.
Ground floor: bar, dinning room, hotel kitchen and 43 sqm garden.

1st floor: 4 apartments and rooms, hotel office and staff area .. Each apartment has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom.

2nd floor: 3 apartments and rooms

3rd floor: 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and living room.



About Castle in Trogir – Near Split Airport
Castle in Trogir | Near Split Airport | Croatia | Europe

Country/State: Croatia
Region: Europe – Mediterranean
Location: Trogir – Near Split Airport
Surface:/Size Approx.: 500 sqm
Field surface: 11 500 sqm
Rooms: 3
Floors: gf ,fir, sec
Parking: YES
Transportation: Bus/Car/Plane
Condition: Renovated and maintained
Joinery: Wooden


Asking price: at request



Trogir castle, a renaissance mill, is a unique blend of nature and history with the building area of 500 sqm and the land area of 11,500 sqm. A rare wetland with its own source, lake, river, sea lagoon and renaissance mills. The mill, which no longer grinds grain, has been transformed into a restaurant that also offers accommodation in several rooms located in the tower.
The earliest news about these mills dates back to the 13th century.
Mills, is a long rectangular building with a tower in the middle. The tower, which has 3 floors, enters directly from the ground floor.






Counties of Croatia:

Bjelovar-Bilogora Brod-Posavina Dubrovnik-Neretva Istria Karlovac Koprivnica-Križevci Krapina-Zagorje Lika-Senj Međimurje Osijek-Baranja Požega-Slavonia Primorje-Gorski Kotar Šibenik-Knin Sisak-Moslavina Split-Dalmatia Varaždin Virovitica-Podravina Vukovar-Srijem Zadar City of Zagreb Zagreb County


List of Croatian counties

Bjelovar-Bilogora Bjelovar
Brod-Posavina Slavonski Brod
Dubrovnik-Neretva Dubrovnik
Istria Pazin
Karlovac Karlovac
Koprivnica-Križevci Koprivnica
Krapina-Zagorje Krapina
Lika-Senj Gospić
Međimurje Čakovec
Osijek-Baranja Osijek
Požega-Slavonia Požega
Primorje-Gorski Kotar Rijeka
Šibenik-Knin Šibenik
Sisak-Moslavina Sisak
Split-Dalmatia Split
Varaždin Varaždin
Virovitica-Podravina Virovitica
Vukovar-Srijem Vukovar
Zadar Zadar
Zagreb County Zagreb
City of Zagreb Zagreb



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